Bear Archery Unleashes The Kuma

For 2018 Bear Archery has released the Kuma compound bow. Coming in from the Legend Series the Kuma is the perfect balance of speed and comfort. Sporting Bear’s Hybrid Cam System that allows a smooth draw this bow is capable of sending arrows at a fast 345 FPS.The Kuma also features the Bear Cage machining that hollows out the riser resulting in a lighter bow which also in turn helps with accuracy. Lastly included are Bears SonicStops to reduce noise and vibration making the Kuma bow one stealthy very high performing bow.

After reading these specs you might think to yourself “How else can you make this bow any better?”. Well here at America’s Best Bowstrings we can set you up with a brand new custom set of bowstrings to further increase the performance for your Bear Kuma or any other offering from Bear Archery. From our Rhino to our Platinum Series Bowstrings you will find the right fit at ABB! If you have any questions or would like more information regarding how we can get you the custom strings and cables you have always wanted please reach out to us at 1-877-893-7155 or by email at .