America’s Best Bowstrings: The Recurve and Longbow Custom Bowstring

As many of you know, ABB makes custom bowstrings for just about every bow. We may be most known for our compound and crossbow string sets but did you know that ABB also makes strings for the Traditional Archer?

Recurve and Longbow’s have gotten lost in the world of high tech super performing compound and crossbow models, but here at America’s Best Bowstrings we know the importance of building a high quality bow string for the most demanding traditional archer. Whether you are shooting for fun or shooting while on the hunt of a lifetime you can trust ABB’s Recurve bowstrings and Longbow Strings to help you be successful.

In our Traditional Series we offer 3 different types of Recurve bow strings to suit the fit for your bow. Our most popular in this line would be our Flemish bowstring, this is made from BCY D97 material that will be a dependable and durable option for the serious bowhunter. While allowing you to choose from 16 colors to build your custom Flemish bowstring, also available in this series upon request we can build your custom flemish bow string using BCY B55 material. If you are looking for a more consistent and customized option our Olympic Bowstring could be just what you are looking for. Our Olympic Series is custom built from BCY 8125 material, which allows you to mix and match from 31 custom colors and also available in custom strand counts upon request. The last series in our Traditional lineup would be our Dacron bowstrings. Dacron is mainly for low poundage or youth bows. Dacron is an inexpensive alternative for the beginning traditional archer. Available in 14 Strand (Black) and 12 Stand (Tan).

So if you are a Traditional Archer and you are looking for a brand new high quality and tough bow string be sure to check out our Recurve and Longbow page and be sure to find the right bowstring for you! Or you can contact us here at ABB at 1-877-893-7155.

Tim Hostettler draws back this Recurve Model with our Traditional (Flemish) Bowstring