Americas Best Bowstrings: Setting the bar high for 2018.

America’s Best Bowstrings has been in business since 2006 and every year we have constantly been driven to “raise the bar” and set the standard for the custom bow string industry. So far the year 2018 there has been no exception.

At the onset of the year ABB released 3 new processes that we have added into the building of our strings such as Accu-Set, Fiber-Loc, and exclusive to our crossbow strings is our Dura-Serve. Along with these new processes we re-designed our EST (Equalized Strand Technology) which is the princlple process of all string construction at ABB. Along with these new processes ABB has released 2 new for 2018 colors to add to the lineup Gun Metal and Sand, you may have seen these along with the Electric Red Pinstripe on the custom bowstrings for our Obsession Turmoil Giveaway Bow earlier this year.

The Obsession Turmoil from ABB’s Get Obsessed Giveaway, this bow included 2 new custom colors for 2018 Gun Metal and Sand as well as an Electric Red Pinstripe.

Other key factors of the success that Americas’s Best Bowstrings is finding for 2018 is the people we work with on a daily basis our amazing authorized dealers who believe that our product is unmatched in a large and competitive market, Daniel Willett who is co-owner of Arizona Archery Club in Phoenix Arizona had this to say about ABB Bowstrings and our customer service “Shot for Shot they shoot incredibly well, they look great, and there is little to no tuning needed upon installation which for a technician is a great time saver. The customer service is second to none, if a customer is needing something we know that we can trust America’s Best Bowstrings to get the job done and done right.”  Another contributing factor is our brand new website that has been streamlined and re-designed to make your search for the best custom bowstrings on the market as easy as possible, this new website has been crucial in getting ABB Bow Strings not just in the hands of customers in the US and Canada but on a more international level with customers in countries such as Australia, Argentina, Germany, England, New Zealand, Spain, and many more. Whether it be for your Hunting or Competitive Target Bow, America’s Best Bowstrings can build you the high performance and high quality custom bowstrings that are a reliable tool for expert to entry level archers.

Argentine ABB customer Ole Mustad took this Peccary with his custom ABB Bowstrings.

America’s Best Bowstrings also has some of the best brand ambassadors that you could ask for. Our Pro Staff has been another crucial part of our success by going to shoots and shows and helping to promote our bow strings from the local hunting woods and archery clubs to the national stage of The Lancaster Archery Classic and The Vegas Shoot , people like Bill Epeards who is our most tenured staff member who believes in our product to get the results he is looking for. We work with many great people in the media as well most notably and their popular web show Bowhunt or Die and most recently this year the staff from Bill Winke’s Midwest Whitetail will be shooting custom ABB Bowstrings on their Hoyt bows this season. Along with our valued staff and ambassadors some of the leading bow manufacturers in the country trust us to be the bowstring of choice for their product, companies such as PSE and Obsession Archery.

ABB Pro Staff member Bill Epeards with one of his many trophy bucks that he downed with ABB Platinum Series Custom Bowstrings.

In closing we want to say thank you to everyone including you our customers for making 2018 so far one of the best years that we have ever had as a company. We believe that we make the best custom bowstrings on the market today and we thank you for trusting us as your choice. The search for excellence is one that never really ends and we continue to look forward to the journey with all of you! – “Peace Of Mind Is Priceless”