Proper Maintenance and Replacing Your Custom Bowstrings

Replacement crossbow string maintenance.

A question that is often asked here at America’s Best Bowstrings is “How often should I replace my custom bowstrings?” This is a great question and the best way to answer is to ask a few basic questions such as how often do you shoot your bow and how many shots do you typically take in a years time, as well as what is the age of the bowstrings themselves? Some competitive archers and hardcore bowhunters will shoot as much as possible on a daily basis, others will only shoot when the leaves start to fall preparing themselves for the upcoming hunting season, and in the middle there is the archer who will practice when they can every once in awhile to keep themselves in “shooting shape”. Whatever category you fall into there will always be a time for replacement custom bowstrings.

Custom bowstrings on an average should be replaced every 2-3 seasons depending on your shooting style and habits. If your custom bow strings are no longer giving you the speed and performance that you desire it may be time to upgrade these very important components on your bow setup. You may also notice a fuzzy look on your bow strings, this is fairly normal and could be the result of either improper care which could possibly be corrected with a premium bowstring wax or just an older bowstring system that is ready to be changed out.

ABB Premium Bowstring Wax helps to extend the life of your custom bowstrings.

The same thing applies for your crossbow. Most crossbows are very powerful and aggressive so when the shot is taken most strings will violently rub on the shooting rail causing the center serving to look worn. It is a good idea to keep a good rail lubricant on hand to keep the rail lightly coated and again using a premium bowstring wax on the string and cable system. With crossbow bow strings you may even want to lightly run some wax onto the center serving (not your end servings) to keep the wear to a minimum. Always be sure to check for any serving wear whether it be on the center serving or end servings, slight serving separation will not be a problem for the short term, but it is a good idea to ask you local America’s Best Bowstrings dealer or call one of the experts at 1-877-893-7155 if you have any questions regarding your compound or custom crossbow strings.