Premium Custom Bowstrings: The Original

The Premium Series custom bowstring is the foundation of what  America’s Best Bowstrings is built upon. In 2006 our owner and master bowstring engineer Jerry Mullet designed and built a bowstring system out of necessity to create a more stable bowstring with no peep rotation or creep while on the competitive archery trail for himself and fellow shooters.

Over the course of time the Premium Series custom bowstring is still one of the most popular bowstrings in our lineup. It is the tried and true string set that has been trusted by the most serious bowhunters and archers. Our Premium Series bowstring is made from a base BCY fiber and is fully pre-stretched through our precise ACCU-SET technology which helps to eliminate any creep or peep rotation resulting in a completely balanced bowstring system.

One of the great traits of our Premium Series custom bowstrings is how durable they are. Many of our top dealers believe that the Premium is a great option for their customers who are serious bowhunters and are looking for a solid and durable bowstring.

With a wide range of color options you can make these strings custom to your liking all the way down to the nock fitment on your center serving. Any custom orders are built within 2 business days and all complete Premium Series bowstring sets qualify for free 2nd Day UPS Air Shipping for the US and a $25 ship for any International orders. And we stand behind our bowstrings with an industry leading 1 year hassle free warranty for any creep, peep rotation, or serving separation.

If you are a serious bowhunter or archer and are looking for a replacement bowstring option to gain that extra edge look no further than our Premium Series custom bowstrings.