2019 Bow’s Releasing: Make the Upgrade to ABB Custom Bowstrings

It is that time of year again. All over the Midwest and Eastern part of the country we are enjoying our archery season and the whitetail rut is in full swing with the high hopes of getting the opportunity to harvest the buck of a lifetime. It is also a great time of the year because it is time for all the shiny and new 2019 bows to be released. With many manufacturers releasing their impressive new offerings in the last few weeks (and more coming soon) it’s time to start thinking about if it’s time to upgrade to one of these newer models and with that choice it’s not a bad idea to think about upgrading those factory bowstrings to ABB custom bowstrings.

In 2018 America’s Best Bowstrings saw a giant influx of orders come in for the new models including the very popular Hoyt Carbon RX1 and Mathews Triax. With the release of these ultra high performing models and others like them we were seeing a high demand for custom bowstrings that needed to meet the demands of these new bows. We are constantly driven to build the highest performing products to meet the needs of our customers. For 2019 we expect more continued growth and demand for high end replacement bowstrings to equip these new model year bows.

When deciding what custom bowstrings would be the right choice for you and your 2019 model bow such as the new Hoyt Carbon RX3 or Elite Ritual 30 you should consider that America’s Best Bowstrings has been on the leading edge of custom bowstring manufacturing for almost 12 years and we work with a very reputable and vast dealer network as well as industry professionals that help to provide us with great quality feedback and information regarding our bowstrings and the bows that they are equipped on. Our dealers choose to use ABB custom bowstrings because they know that if the product is not made to the highest quality they will have to re-order the string or spend otherwise valuable time working on re-tuning these bows leading to longer wait times for their customers to get their bows back.

Our Platinum and Premium Series custom bowstrings are the recommended choice for any of these high performance bows. With bow manufacturers such as Obsession Bows and PSE using our Platinum Series on their new models, like the Obsession Lawless which is equipped from the factory with ABB Platinum Series bowstrings. These string sets go through many of our exclusive in house processes such as ACCU-SET and FIBER-LOC to ensure a totally stable and consistent bowstring. With most new model bows reaching IBO speeds of 340 to 370 FPS, could you imagine adding more FPS to those speeds? With our Platinum Series bowstrings they are equipped with our FAST technology that literally adds FPS to your arrow speeds.

The 2019 Obsession Lawless equipped with ABB Platinum Series Custom Bowstrings

So when considering upgrades for your brand new 2019 bow, consider replacing those factory strings out for America’s Best Bowstrings. If you have any questions about our bowstrings please contact us at 1-877-893-7155. We hope to hear from you!