Upgrade your Ravin Crossbow Strings to custom ABB’s.

Ravin Crossbows are relatively new in the archery industry but make no mistake they are a juggernaut when it comes to crossbow manufacturing. Becoming one of the most popular crossbow companies in a short amount of time with their innovative designs and the incredible high performance of their product lineup. America’s Best Bowstrings is proud to say that we are building high performance custom bowstrings and cables for every model Ravin Crossbow.

We have been building custom Ravin crossbow strings for the past several years and along the way have found the perfect formula worthy of being equipped on these bows. We offer 3 different options for your Ravin Crossbow, they are our Platinum-X, Premium-X and new for 2019 our Pursuit-X Series.

Platinum-X Series is the top of the product line and in our opinion the best fit for your Raving Crossbow. Our Platinum-X custom bowstrings are made from a high quality BCY 452X fiber and from there we run that fiber through our very own proprietary processes that will give you all the high performance you could ask for. All Platinum-X Series are equipped exclusively with our Fiber-Loc and FAST technologies. Fiber-Loc is a build process that completely stabilizes the bowstring and cables eliminating any creep which will keep you Ravin Crossbow in tune and is unaffected by temperature changes giving you a completely stable string system. While our FAST (Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology) process will literally add feet per second to your arrow speeds while also improving overall crossbow performance.

One of the many great features with our custom crossbow strings and cables is that you can easily adjust and tune them to find the optimum performance for your bow, which you may find more difficult with the factory stock options. You will also find that all ABB crossbow strings and cables are equipped with our popular Dura-Serv technology. Dura-Serv is an exclusive process that we use on the crossbow string only. This process is an enhancement that was developed to fix the massive wear issues found with most crossbow center servings, increasing the life and performance of the bowstring.

So if it’s time to replace those factory strings or you are looking for that extra performance edge for your next hunt, be sure to check out America’s Best Bowstrings.

For more information regarding our strings and cables on Ravin Crossbows please check this video of our Pursuit-X Series equipped on the Ravin R10 Model by clicking here.