Ensuring Your Archery Success for 2019

It is that time of year when most of us can step outside from the long and harsh cold winter and smell that fresh spring air! With that comes the excitement of Spring Turkey Season and 3D Archery Events such as IBO tournaments, the Total Archery Challenge, and the Rinehart R100. For all of us archers and bowhunters the most integral part of these events is your bow. The best thing you can do is to get your bow out and start to do a routine maintenance check.

Routine Bow inspection keeps you and others safe and enjoying your archery experience.

First it is important to check over the riser, limbs, and cams of your bow. Being sure to check for any defects such as cracked limbs that may have been occurred or overlooked during the previous season. Cracked limbs can become a very serious matter if not taken care of quickly they could lead not only to further damage to the bow itself, but putting yourself in harms way. Be sure to also look over your cams for any burs or defects that could lead to bowstring or cable damage which may result in a dangerous misfire.

America’s Best Bowstrings builds custom bowstrings for every level archer and bowhunter. Strings and cables are extremely important to check and maintain.

Next it is important to look into your bowstrings system. How long have you had this set on your bow? Is this the factory set? It is recommend to replace your strings and cables every 2-3 years depending on the amount of shots and care that the string has been exposed to. Sometimes your string and cables may look like fuzzy caterpillars and if this is the case all you may need is a premium grade bowstring wax to bring new life to your bowstring system. Keep in mind to check your D-Loop and servings as well, and while separating servings are not an immediate threat it is important to take time to either have them re-served or replaced.  And in the event that it is time for changing them out America’s Best Bowstrings has the perfect custom bowstrings for every level archer and bowhunter. Whether you are needing a set of replacement crossbow strings, compound strings, or a new custom bowstring for your recurve model ABB can build them all!

Sights and arrow rest should be checked periodically for accuracy and that all hardware is secure.

Other areas to check include your bow sight and arrow rest, Be sure to check your sight pins for accuracy and any hardware that may have become loose over the course of time. Have the fiber optics in your pins become dull or hard to see? The same can be said for any hardware associated with your arrow rest. Be sure to check the cable that runs your rest to your cable or limbs for any imperfections or cuts. If you have the tools, check your rest by paper tuning it.

Lastly be sure to check any arrows that you plan to use for the upcoming year. Any cracks or blemishes in you shafts, nocks, or vanes. All of these things can cause several un-forseen and unpleasant outcomes if not checked.

Whatever bow you are shooting please take the time to run a routine check to be sure that you keep yourself and any others around you safe this year! If you are unsure or would like to learn further about these items check out your local bow shop and have one of their trained and certified bow technicians will be happy to help. You can locate any ABB authorized dealers through our dealer locator. If you would like to look into a new set of custom bowstrings be sure to check out our custom string builder available for compounds, crossbows, and recurve models. Be sure to have a safe and fun 2019!