America’s Best Bowstrings Proudly Announces Partnership with The Keefer Brothers.

When it comes to tactically and successfully hunting big whitetail bucks and other big game of the world not too many people do it any better than Chris and Casey Keefer. Best known for their brand The Keefer Brothers and hosts of their ultra informative, edge of your seat Whitetail Hunting program Rival Wild (which airs on The Sportsman Channel and additional content provided on their YouTube channel) Chris and Casey understand what being true bowhunters and ambassadors to the great outdoors is all about. That is why America’s Best Bowstrings is very excited to announce our new partnership with The Keefer Brothers for 2019!

Casey Keefer with an incredible Mule Deer known as “Majestic Lion”

At America’s Best Bowstrings we know all about making the best custom bowstrings on the market today. We are constantly driven to build the best product using the highest quality materials and most innovative methods possible to enhance the archery experience for bowhunters and archers alike. While we know how to build the best bow strings around, Chris and Casey Keefer have perfected the modern day art form of finding a target buck and using their 5 “Kill Factors” which include Food, Intel, Timing, Weather, and Wind to their advantage for harvesting a mature trophy whitetail.

Chris Keefer with a bruiser of a midwest whitetail.

Along with Rival Wild the brothers have a wildly successful survival based program on The Outdoor Channel known as Dropped. Dropped puts the brothers in some of the most remote locations in the world where they are put to the test to survive mother nature with only limited supplies. To round out the accomplishments for Chris and Casey they are also entrepreneurs running their own production and marketing companies Rusted Rooster Media and Hatch Marketing.

America’s Best Bowstrings is looking forward to working with The Keefer Brothers and their powerhouse team going forward for 2019 and beyond. Chris and Casey will be shooting our industry leading Platinum Series custom bowstrings providing them the extra edge for the rivalry this fall. “When it comes to first in class custom bow strings ABB is light years ahead of the pack- They craft revolutionary strings through a core focus on game-changing technologies and their customer service is unparalleled- each and every string is built by archers for archers. When it’s all on the line, I trust ABB.” – Casey Keefer

Please be sure to check the guys out and follow along on their stories and journeys from the whitetail woods to the ranges of the great unknown.