ABB, The Best Source For Your Replacement Crossbow Strings.

Here at America’s Best Bowstrings we are often asked if we make replacement strings for crossbows. We are happy to say that we do make custom bowstrings for all crossbow models. The next question that comes into play is what is the cost of replacement crossbow strings with ABB? Another great question that can be best answered by the breakdown of America’s Best Bowstrings Custom lineup. In this article we will break down the cost and benefit of each series that ABB offers.

Platinum Series (Best Option) – The Platinum Series was introduced as the high performance option for crossbow and compound models. Made from the highest materials from BCY as the base fiber and utilizing ABB’s proprietary building processes we set the bar for what a high end and top quality custom crossbow string should be. This is by far the best choice for most new model flagship crossbows. As the technology and aggressiveness of crossbows has dramatically improved, you should strongly consider this option as a serious candidate for your next set of bow strings. Some of the featured technologies that comes built into this set include our F.A.ST. technology which stands for Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology (which can literally add several feet per second to your arrow speeds), and our Fiber-Loc which completely stabilizes your cross bow string and cable system. The cost for this replacement set MSRP’s at $169.99 for a complete set, and comes with a 2 year Hassle Free Warranty against Creep, and Serving Separation.

Premium Series (Better Option) – Next in the ABB lineup is our Premium Series crossbow strings. This is the mid-line option that we offer as a durable and proven choice for those who consider themselves to be serious crossbow hunters. Premium is made again with a base fiber from BCY fibers and built by our skilled staff with extreme care. Equipped with our Accu-Set technology which is a precisely controlled system which fully pre-stretches the string and cables to eliminate creep and serving separation leading to a finely balanced string system. The cost of this replacement crossbow string is MSRP’d at $139.99 for a complete set while coming with a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty against Creep, and Serving Seperation.

Pictured here is a Premium Series being installed on a Parker Crossbow.

Pursuit Series (Good Option) – The final custom cross bow string series that ABB offers is our Pursuit set. Pursuit was introduced in 2019 as our entry level option for crossbow and compound archers. It is a well rounded upgrade over most stock bowstrings. With the option to choose from the entire ABB color chart, Pursuit gives you the ability to make this custom string set fit to your personal style. And don’t be mistaken, the quality of our Pursuit Series is top notch and will be a great option for any level cross bow hunter and archer. Replacement cost for the crossbow string set is $109.99 and comes with a 6 month Hassle Free Warranty  against Creep, and Serving Separation.

All of America’s Best Bowstrings come standard with our Dura-Serv technology which was introduced in 2018, it is exclusive to our crossbow series and is an enhancement to fix the massive wear issues found with most crossbow center servings thus enhancing the life and performance of your string set.

So the next time that you are looking for a new set of replacement crossbow strings. Remember America’s Best Bowstrings will have you covered.