Everything you need to know about Compound Bowstring Replacement.

Custom bowstrings are a very interesting piece of equipment for archers, they are more than just a colorful way to make your bow look “cool”. They are an intricate system working together with your bow and arrow to give you pinpoint precision, whether you are a competitive archer or hardcore bowhunter a great set of replacement compound bowstrings will give you the definite edge you need to be successful.

Let’s first look at why you should replace your bow strings every so often. At ABB we often liken our bowstrings to tires for your vehicle, you wouldn’t drive on bald tires that have been on your vehicle for some time. The same can be said about your strings and cables. Over the course of time your strings are drawn and shot at aggressive speeds and angles whipping around with every shot. After so long your custom bow strings will eventually start to fuzz and possibly stretch, causing a loss of poundage, timing, and most importantly accuracy. A fresh set of replacement compound bowstrings will get you back to peak shooting performance in no time. It’s important to keep a close eye and inspect your bowstrings almost every time you go to the range or head out on a hunt, a cut strand could be the difference between a successful shot or derailing your bow.

A fresh set of custom ABB Bowstrings are a great way to get your bow shooting at optimum performance.

The lifespan of a bowstring set is often a a varying time frame and may differ from archer to archer. Variables include how often you are shooting, how well do you take care of your strings and cables, where are they stored, and what is the climate you are shooting in? You may be a bowhunter who tries to stay sharp during the summer months and keeps the shot count low in the fall and winter, or you may be a competitive archer who tries to get anywhere from 100-200 shots a session. At America’s Best Bowstrings we recommend to keep a close eye on your strings and treat them every so often with a light coat of good string wax such as our Premium Bowstring Wax. We also would say on average it is best to replace your compound bowstrings every 2-3 years.

There are several ways to order yourself a brand new set of replacement compound bowstrings as well! We have a great tool such as our custom bowstring builder right here on our web page that you can select and choose whatever custom color options you can come up with. You only need to select the series you would like to purchase, we offer 3 custom options in a Good, Better, Best method. Our Platinum Series is our High Performance String set and is considered our best option, where as our Premium Series is our mid-level option or our better option built to be durable and efficient for today’s bowhunters, and lastly our Pursuit Series which is our good entry level custom string option. You may also choose to find a local authorized ABB dealer in your area, you can use our dealer locator right on this website to find the dealer nearest to you. Another option you can utilize is by contacting us by phone at 877-893-7155 where one of our skilled sales staff will be happy to assist you with your ordering needs.

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further than ABB’s Platinum Series Bowstrings.

We also recommend that you have a knowledgeable and certified bow technician to help handle the installation of your new replacement compound bowstrings. These are highly skilled bow techs that have been properly trained to handle almost anything thrown their way and a great resource at your disposal to get the job done quickly and correctly. If you prefer to install your new bowstrings yourself it is wise to have the correct tools for your task. We recommend the use of a professional bow press that can handle your specific bow model (we recommend and use a press by Last Chance Archery). If you are interested in learning more about the proper installation on your DIY project please check out this video with our owner Jerry Mullet as he takes you through a step by step process of bowstring replacement.

The benefits of a new compound bowstring and cable system are ones that can’t be ignored and should be taken seriously. When talking with a majority of archers they will tell you a common issue that can come into play is peep rotation. With our strings we use consistent tension on all strands of fiber with our Equalized Strand Technology which will help to eliminate any peep rotation issues. Now what about creep or string stretch? Our Accu-Set technology is a controlled system that precisely and fully pre-stretches the strings and further eliminates creep, peep rotation and serving seperation. We take no short cuts to ensure that the string you buy is one that will not fail you or it is backed by our industry leading warranties. The skill of archery is one that most (if not all archers) take great pride in, and without question a great set of replacement compound bowstrings will certainly help in the pursuit of your success.