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Why should you get custom bowstrings on a brand new model bow?

Spring has sprung and with it the weather is getting warmer and the clocks have bounced forward giving us more time to spend outdoors shooting our bows. In some cases many archers have headed down to their local trusted pro shops and picked up one of the latest and greatest offerings such as the Hoyt Carbon RX7, PSE EVO XF 30 EC, or any other new 2022 bow models. You might grab a new rest, sight, quiver, and a batch of new arrows for your new bow, but have you thought about getting a new set of custom performance bowstrings for that high end piece of equipment?

Now sure those new model bows already come with bowstrings and cables, however what kind of bow strings are you getting? Do you know where they came from? What is the quality assurance process behind those strings and cables? Most importantly are those stock bow strings getting you the optimum performance out of your brand new bow? At America’s Best Bowstrings building high quality and high performance bowstrings is what we do best. We have been building custom and replacement bowstrings since 2006. Each passing year gives us the opportunity to learn, innovate, and continue on the journey toward perfection.

If you think about it, your bowstrings are an integral item that connects your bow to your arrow, so why settle for a string that wasn’t built for high end performance? Take into consideration peep rotation, if there was ever an issue with most stock level strings it would be this incredibly frustrating action. If your peep is constantly moving then you can’t focus on the one thing that matters most in archery, your shot. A great set of replacement bowstrings will most certainly assist you with having zero peep rotation, and if for any reason you do have an issue ABB has an industry leading hassle free warranty backing our products.

When it comes to bowstring innovation America’s Best Bowstrings strives to lead the industry in developing multiple products and technologies such as our E.S.T (equalized strand technology) as well as our Fiber-Loc technology. And with innovation in bowstring technology came a better understanding of how to improve our quality processes and procedures. America’s Best Bowstrings has a dedicated staff that wants to help you get the most performance out of your bow whether it is one of the new models or even a bow that has a few years worth of hunts and shots on it. Be sure to check out our custom bow string builder today.

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