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The Rut Report according to America’s Best Bowstrings.

As we near the end of the first full week of November one thing is starting to become very clear, the rut is on. As we prepare for our hunting seasons and head to our local pro shops to get our replacement custom bowstrings, we can’t help but to think of these crisp November days that will bring a mature whitetail buck walking within range for that one shot.

Bowhunters have taken to the woods this November with unseasonably high temps and what many would say is less than desired daylight activity from mature “shooters”. However things are starting to look up. Cold fronts paired with rising barometric pressure are on the horizon for most Midwest states. Trail camera photos are starting to show that mature bucks are out searching for does that are going onto their estrous cycle. These bucks are jockeying for territory and breeding rights.

ABB staff, partners, and our customers have been able to find some early November success thus far. ABB owner Jerry Mullet was able to make it happen on Thursday November 3rd with his ABB Platinum Series bow strings. Jerry had this to say to the situation. “November 3rd was a warm 60 degree day however I knew that bucks would be searching for estrous does. We have a stand in the saddle area of an east – west ridge which we love to hunt on a south wind. This ridge has bedding cover on both sides and two food plots on the south side of the ridge. Bucks love scent checking this ridge on a south wind because of the bedding cover and food. I got into the stand at 4 pm that afternoon. At 6 pm I heard 2 bucks fighting about 150 yards west of me on the backside of the ridge, it wasn’t a knock down drag it out fight but was serious enough. By the sound of the exchange these were both mature deer. I grabbed my extinguisher grunt call and did a series of buck grunts, an estrous doe bleat, followed by a couple tending grunts. I put the call away and got ready, sure enough two minutes later here comes a 5 ½ year old 10 point buck we called Chubbs. He was totally looking for the deer he thought he heard and gave me a 20 yard shot. Warm weather or not, the rut will happen. It pays to have great access to and from stands so you can take advantage of wind directions and deer movement.”

We understand that now is the worst of times for an equipment failure as every day counts when it comes to the rut. Which is why in closing we want to be sure to let you know that we are currently down to fast 2-4 business day turnaround times with expedited rush options available with our authorized dealer network and through our website. We can build your replacement custom bowstrings on the quick and get you back to chasing that mature buck you have been targeting! Be sure to check out our custom bowstring builder today.

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