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What is the ABB Platinum Black Series?

America’s Best Bowstrings introduced the Platinum Black Series this past January at the annual ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This brings to question for some, what exactly is the Platinum Black Series? The Platinum Black Series is a ready to ship option that was brought along to alleviate the long wait times of the summer and fall months. These times are when most custom bowstring manufacturers tend to become incredibly busy with incoming orders. 

This bowstring series is made with the same materials and processes that our highly popular Platinum Series are made with, however Platinum Black is made only with BCY 452X Ninja Black base fibers, halo end servings, power grip center serving and speed nock covers. We decided on Ninja Black as it is arguable the most uniform color that can match up with any pattern or solid color option that is offered on most bow models.

The ABB sales team has compiled a list of popular bow makes and models based off of the last few years of acquired sales. We have taken the data from that list and tasked our custom bowstring specialist to build a vast inventory of these models that are ready to ship same day as the order arrives (some exclusions may apply). 

Of course the Platinum Black Series is backed by the same 2 Year warranty that our standard Platinum Series is backed by. If your string and cable system experience peep rotation, serving separation, or creep we will replace the damaged piece for 2 years from the original purchase date. 

Be sure to ask a dealer near you if they have heard about the Platinum Black Series from ABB. If you have any questions regarding Platinum Black bowstrings or any of our other offerings please feel free to call one of skilled team members at 877-893-7155.

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