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Is it time to change your bowstring?

It’s not a question of if, but when do you need new bowstrings? The answer is not as simple as one would wish. We’ll take a look into what you should look for when inspecting your strings and when it might be time for an upgrade to America’s Best Bowstrings.


America’s Best Bowstrings compares our products to the tires on your car. You don’t drive on bald tires, you don’t shoot worn out bowstrings. There is a life expectancy and in most cases you can tell when it is time to upgrade. Let’s say you are on the range or in the yard practicing with your Mathews Phase 4 29. Your arrows are hitting lower than they were this past hunting season. This is a result of creep or stretching which means that your bow is losing poundage. This is where our Premium or Platinum Series bowstrings will help you to eliminate this problem. Stable bowstrings that are pre-stretched and backed by an industry leading warranty!

The Fuzzies

Then there is fuzzing or fraying. We have all seen the unsightly fuzziness of bowstrings, while this does not affect the performance of the bowstring it can lead to trouble in a short time. When a bowstring starts to fuzz or fray it’s due to the fiber becoming dry. When the fiber is dry it can be more susceptible to cutting easily. While a proper premium bowstring wax can help to correct this issue, it can’t always save the bowstring or cable.

The cool factor!

Maybe you picked up a new Hoyt Carbon RX7 Ultra and those factory color strings just aren’t cutting it. Custom bowstrings are our specialty and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in picking out that awesome new color way. Perhaps you have a last second hunting trip and you need those new bowstrings fast! The best bang for your buck in immediate ship is our Platinum Black Series!

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