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How to get your bowstrings fast!

We are coming up on the time of year when archers and bowhunters are getting their equipment out. 3D target events such as Total Archery Challenge and the Rhinehart R100 provide archers a chance to knock off the offseason rust. Your bowstrings are an integral piece of equipment that should be checked thoroughly. Bowstrings are the direct connection from your bow to your arrow. What happens if you find out during your inspection that one of your cables is frayed or your bowstring servings are separating? Our quickship bowstrings are here to help!

An integral part of archery equipment is your bowstring set. Photo: Mike Herne

Platinum Black Bowstrings

The answer comes in the form of America’s Best Bowstrings. ABB has a huge variety of options for archers and bowhunters to get your bowstrings on order and built fast! The 2023 introduction of the Platinum Black Series has been a very important step toward alleviating long wait times in the busier months of the year (July-September). The Platinum Series is the leading choice for archers and bowhunters of custom bowstrings. We created an all Ninja Black in stock inventory of the most popular and best selling model bows in accordance with several years of recorded sales data. Most Platinum Black bowstrings are ready to ship shortly after your order is placed.

Quickship Inventory

America’s Best Bowstrings offers ready to ship bowstrings at reasonable discounted rates. Our Quickship Bowstrings inventory are custom color string sets that were either double produced accidently or a customer returned the un-opened set due to color discrepancies. And who doesn’t love a deal? Quickship string sets typically run for $12-$18 off the suggested retail rate, ship same day or next business day if placed after hours. Our large Quickship inventory also includes our Discount Bowstring sets, these are in-stock inventory that have been slashed in price for various reasons, but still brand new bowstrings.

Quickship is a great place to look for available in-stock bowstring inventory to ship immediately.

The Rush

Lastly there is the RUSH option. This option applies on custom bowstring orders where we will build your custom designed bowstrings for a fee. Rush orders are built next business day from when the order is placed and a great option for those that still want those custom bowstring colors but need them in a hurry! This option is available during the bowstring design phase of your order, and also available to order with an authorized ABB dealer pro shop.

ABB is your source for high quality custom bowstrings and these options have made it easier than ever to get you ready to go on whatever adventure your bow will take you! If you have any questions about our bowstrings please contact us at 877-893-7155 today!

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