Bill Epeards

Bill Epeards has been featured on various hunting videos and is a regular guest on Mossy Oak's "Hunting the Country," ESPN's "Jimmy Houston Outdoors" and "Today's Bow hunter" by PSE on the Outdoor Channel. Bill has harvested record book deer, bear, antelope and mountain lion, plus many other species such as moose, elk, caribou, mule deer, javelina, wild boar and wild turkey, all with a bow and arrow. Bill also has several turkey grand slams to his credit, and has harvested eight Safari Club International record book animals in South Africa. Not only does Bill travel the country hunting, he also teaches the latest hunting techniques through the Bill Epeards Outdoor Adventure Seminars. Bill has been on the Pro Staff for PSE and Quaker Boy Game Calls for 25 years. Bill is also on the Pro Staff for Ol'man Treestands, Rocky Boots, Underbrush Leafie Camo, Easton Arrows, Camo Clad and others.