Brian Mosley

Brian A. Mosley has been a PSE and ABB ProStaff for over 10 years now. By trade is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Health Teacher in New Mexico.  I have won 10 New Mexico State Grand Field  Championships in both Bowhunter Freestyle and and Freestyle Classes.  Lately my main main focus has been on shooting as many ASA tournaments across the country as I can and competing in many "Train To Hunt" competitions.  Hunting is my main focus in life. Using Physical Fitness as a huge structure and motivator to prepare myself for hunting the very challenging high country mule deer and elk.  I Choose to hunt as many species as I can draw tags for from mule deer, elk, antelope, and bear in New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona to Hogs, Whitetail and exotics in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois.  Thanks to Americas Best Bow Strings, I have also been blessed enough to spend some time in Africa harvesting some amazing creatures.