Jared Bloomgren

Jared “J-Rod” Bloomgren has been a part of our valued Pro Staff since 2008 and continues to support the company to his fullest. He is a very successful DIY backcountry bowhunter who has taken numerous great animals over the years and continues to knock them down year after year all on his own terms as well as the Lords. He is very much a God fearing man who raises his family to appreciate Mother Nature and all that He has offered us in life. As a freelance writer he enjoys writing success, tips and tactics, and gear review articles for readers to help them better themselves in the outdoors. He is quoted as saying, “My gear that I use is stressed to the max on all my hunts and having bow strings that will never let me down are a must! The animal that you take aim at deserves the best gear possible to keep free of errors. America’s Best Bowstrings gives me the reassurance as well as the utmost respect for the animal. No room for error during these times and ABB has never let me down!”