Jon Yokley

Jon Yokley is out of Kingman, Arizona. Jon was introduced to hunting at the age of 9, but once he discovered the great sport of bow hunting he was hooked. Jon is currently the Pro Staff Manager for Kryptek Outdoors and S4 Gear. In the last 30+ years he has taken well over 100 big game animals with a bow (most of which are DIY) with the milestone of his 100th just taken 1/1/2013. The degree of difficulty hunting on public land in the west poses a big challenge and a different level of success and can be next to impossible to draw a tag for certain species. he is currently working on completing different specie slams. Jon has taken 8 of Arizona’s Big 10, multiples of many … only lacking the Bison & Desert Big Horn only due to lack of drawing a tag. Jon lacks both the Sitka & Colombian Blacktails to complete his North American Deer Slam. Included are the Osceola and Rio turkeys along with the Mountain & Woodland Caribou for these slams. Mr. Yokley hunts wherever his bow will take him throughout the state of Arizona as well as Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California, Missouri, Kansas and the occasion trip to Mexico and Canada.