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ABB Custom replacement bowstring for Athens Ridge 34 MT Cam 2020 Bow

Replacement bowstring and cables for Athens Ridge 34 MT Cam 2020

America’s Best Bowstrings offers 3 unique series of ​bowstrings and cables​ for your Ridge 34 MT Cam 2020 compound bow by ​Athens.​ The string is made to your compound bows exact specifications using the finest quality BCY fibers and ABB’s advanced string building processes. These strings deliver amazing performance along with ​zero stretch​, ​zero peep rotation​ and ​no serving separation​ which allows you to shoot your best. Speed Nocks are installed (if needed) at all factory determined locations at no extra charge. Your string will have ABB’s Ultra End Loops that fit better than factory strings. Our exclusive Power Grip Center Servings delivers better nock fit, more durability, and grips the string better which results in longer life.

As we say "Peace of Mind is Priceless", just install your strings and enjoy shooting your bow!

Start building your custom Ridge 34 MT Cam 2020 bowstrings using our advanced string builders. It is as easy as choosing colors for strings and servings, hit the order button and thats it. If you have questions or need help, give our string specialist a call at ​877-893-7155​.

There is currently a 2-4 days. build backlog on custom strings.

To get started building your Ridge 34 MT Cam 2020 string, just select a custom String series below and have fun!