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Abb's Bowstring Technology

At ABB, we believe that your string should become an afterthought once it’s on your bow.  The peep should not rotate, the string should not stretch, your servings should not slip, and it should enhance your bow’s performance.  This belief fuels our fire in the constant pursuit for perfection.  The result – truly innovative technology that helps us build the best string for your bow.

Equalized Strand Technology - 2006, Re-Designed 2018

The core process behind the construction of all strings at ABB.  Our new custom equipment ensures consistent tension across all the strands of the string while eliminating peep rotation and reducing creep before the string build process is fully complete. 

Balanced Twist Ratio - 2009

A consistent amount of twists in your string will help keep servings in place and improve overall performance of your string.  “BTR” works hand in hand with our other processes to enhance string life and eliminate peep rotation.

Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology - 2017

This innovative process enhances the fibers of the bowstring to literally add feet per second to your string, improving bow performance.

ACCU-SET - 2018

A precisely controlled system which fully pre-stretches the string, eliminating creep, peep rotation, and serving separation, resulting in a balanced string system on your bow.

FIBER-LOC - 2018

Used exclusively on Platinum Series Strings.  This further eliminates creep and peep-rotation from the string, and results in a completely stable string that is unaffected by temperature changes. 

DURA-SERV - 2017

For crossbows only.  This enhancement was developed to fix the massive wear issues found with most crossbow center servings.  ABB crossbow strings all come standard with Dura-Serv to improve your crossbows string life and performance! 

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