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America's Best Bowstrings Testimonials

ABB Strings Highly Recommended

I couldn’t recommend ABB more. I have a set of Platinum’s on one of my bows, a set of premium’s on the other and a set of Platinum’s ordered for my Diamond Outlaw. I cant say that it isn’t coincidence, but ever since I switched to ABB all my bows have been quieter than with other brands that I have used. They also seem to me to shoot a little bit tighter groups more consistently. I can also say that the serving on these strings is some of the best I have ever seen in regards to separation, my Bear approach has been notorious for tearing up the serving near the draw mod but not with these I have put at least 300 arrows down range or more with no issue with separation or peep rotation. Lastly customer service and turnaround are second to none any questions I have ever emailed about have been answered almost immediately and it takes little to no time at all for my strings to be at my doorstep.

Brandon W.

ABB is the Best

ABB is THE best string company in my opinion. The quickest turn around time in the industry. Great customer service and warranty. No matter what bow your shooting they have the easiest way to select your string and cable lengths, which are always spot on lengths. There’s not others I would lace up on my bow.

Boone C.

Strings and Cables are Top-Notch

The quality and price of these strings and cables are top-notch. I also appreciate the email communication with the manufacturer and the quick shipping. I’ll be able ABB customer from now on!

Joe L.

Very Impressed

I ordered a full set of strings from ABB they arrived within 5 days. I was very impressed with the quality of the strands and servings, perfect fit with no peep rotation or stretch. This was my first time ordering from ABB and I will definitely be getting all my strings from them.

Gerry F.

Would definitely recommend ABB

I have never ordered strings and cables but ordering from ABB was the easiest and most user friendly site I have ever used. I would definitely recommend them for all of your bow string purchases!

Chris C.

Best Bow strings I’ve ever used

Best Bow strings I’ve ever used. I bought my first set 5 years ago and they’re still on the bow. I just put a set on my MXB 400 and went from 398 fps to 411 fps with a 400gr arrow. Workmanship is first class and just great people to deal with. I have another set coming for my other MXB 400. My best endorsement or anyone’s IMO. Do you use it yourself and would you buy it again.

Joe T.

Strings are Flawless

I recently ordered ABB Platinums for my Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 and let me tell you they are amazing. The craftsman of these strings is flawless. The strings and cables fit near perfectly only requiring one twist in the buss cable. I have put hundreds of shots through them and I haven’t had any peep rotation issues. I’ll be ordering another set for backups.

Jacob G.

ABB strings are the best in the World

ABB strings are the best available. I was tired of peep rotation and string stretch. I asked my local shop owner what he recommended. To give you some background, his opinion bears great weight with me. He has been a signed contract shooter for various major bow manufacturers for more than 20 years now. His exact words were, and I quote, “ABB strings are the best in the world”. I was sold. He ordered a Premium Series string for me. ABB had a new string to the shop within days. I have been shooting my ABB string every day for two months now. Peep rotation does not exist. String stretch is no longer a thing. Nor are the tuning issues caused by string stretch. I wanted a spare string just in the event that my string was cut by a broadhead, or encountered some other mishap. I now have a Platinum Series spare. I am an ABB customer for life. Thanks ABB.

Benji H.

You won’t be Disappointed

I’ve never been a custom bow string kinda guy. After a recommendation from a friend I tried out ABB. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I ordered the Rhino series without sacrificing the cash in case I wasn’t impressed. Let me tell you I was more than impressed. For being on the low end of quality material and price range they should be on the higher end. They were amazing. I was immediately blown away with the performance and craftsmanship. I had zero peep twist and they fit my PSE Evolve 35 perfectly. I abused them during hundreds and hundreds of shots practicing, an elk and deer season and I am now a firm believer in the brand. Just ordered a set of their premium series and absolutely love them. Quit thinking about it and make an order. You won’t be disappointed.

Derrick D.

Shooting ABB strings since 2007

I have been using ABB strings since 2007 and have never been dealt a bad set of strings! If there have ever been issues their customer service takes it very serious and rectifies the issue. But better yet, they go a couple of steps further to see what the problem was and then make corrections to fix it!

The Platinum strings are by far my favorite! Rock solid, never twist, no peep rotation, no serving separation, no stretch, etc…and they provide warranty with their strings that are 2nd to none!!

Highly recommended!!!!

Jared B.

Strings are great quality

Strings are great quality. The turnaround is amazing strings shipped and arrived to my door within 4 days which is what everyone wants when ordering those custom strings to give you bow a new look!

Brandon K.

Great Customer Service

Although I just put the Premium Series on my Mathews Creed, I can say this. I have shot about 150 shots through it and the peep has not moved. Also what is very noticeable, is how much more quiet the bow shoots, and the tight groups I seem to be getting!I also cannot say enough about the Customer Service. I had a question about the installation and Tim was very patient and extremely helpful. Something that is hard to come by these days. Thank you ABB.

Shawn G.

ABB Customer for Life!

The platinum strings and cables are the first set I have put on a bow right out of the package that needed no extra twists in the time of the buss cable. I don’t know if it was pure luck but I doubt it. My newest bow was a carbon defiant 34 #2 cam which has a reputation for being a nightmare to tune, well I put on the set and the cam timing was spot on first draw back with no cam lean. That hasn’t ever happened for me. The best part of all is that I have gained a few fps through the chronograph compared to my winners choice. Not a ton, but hey with a 28” draw I will take it. I still can’t believe I ordered at 10pm on a Wednesday night and I had the strings on the bow the following Tuesday, it would have been Monday but it was a holiday. I still can’t believe that. Thank you ABB! You have a customer for life.

Ben K.

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