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Warranty Policy & Procedure

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Hassle Free Warranty Policy & Procedure
America’s Best Bowstrings Platinum, Premium, Pursuit, and Olympic Series strings are covered against peep rotation, creep, and serving separation. See each string series for the warranty duration.


Peep rotation is defined as spinning of the peep sight during the draw cycle. A peep sight that is slightly off square at brace is not peep rotation. Always make sure that your D-Loop and peep sight are on the same angle or plane.

Creep is the constant elongation of the string fibers. All strings will “stretch” during the shot as a result of the transfer of energy from the bow’s limbs to the string system during the shot cycle. Creep occurs if the string system does not recover. If your bow noticeably loses poundage it can be an indication of creep.

Serving Separation is the visible separation of the served area of the string system. Wear spots and/or flattening of serving in high stress areas, such as the cam tracks and module tracks, is not serving separation.


Warranty Procedure:
In the rare event where you think you may have a warranty, contact ABB immediately. Taking a photo or video of the problem is normally required. If approved, ABB will send a replacement part immediately. If you are sending an email, enter WARRANTY in the
subject area, and provide a description of the problem you are having.