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ABB Custom replacement bowstring for Center Point Dagger 405 Bow

Best Bowstring for Center Point Dagger 405

These ​custom crossbow bow strings​ for the Dagger 405 by Center Point are the best that you can buy! These strings meet the exact string requirements for your Dagger 405 and deliver ultimate performance, zero creep, and no serving separation. America's Best Bowstrings only uses the finest BCY fibers in the manufacturing of our crossbow strings combined with the most advanced string building technologies, which results in a string that is unmatched in quality and performance. Our strings utilize our ​exclusive ​Ultra End Loops​ to deliver long lasting durability along with a perfect fit. Center servings are typically a major wear issue for crossbows, we eliminate this using our proprietary ​DURA-SERV​ Center Servings that are unmatched in durability and serving life.

Use our custom string builders to easily create the custom string you're looking for by choosing from a large selection of colors for your strings and servings. If you have questions feel free to call our specialists at 877-893-7155

There is currently a 2-3 Days build backlog on custom strings.

NOTE: Expedited Orders are Available in Step 3.

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