ABB Custom replacement bowstring for Darton Serpent LTD 2 - B Bow

Custom Bowstrings for Darton Serpent LTD 2 - B Crossbow

Are you looking for the ​best crossbow strings​ for your ​Serpent LTD 2 - B​ by Darton​? You found it! America's Best Bowstrings offer the highest quality bowstrings you can buy. Using the finest BCY fibers on the market today as well as our advanced string building technologies, we are able to provide you with the best bowstrings and cables for your Serpent LTD 2 - B. These strings have zero creep and no serving separation combined with our ​DURA-SERV​ Center Servings that provide unmatched durability and longer center serving life. We also utilize our exclusive Ultra End Loops​ and ​super tight end servings ​that deliver a better fit and extreme durability.

Utilize our advanced custom string builder to customize your crossbow strings with custom colors for your strings and servings. We offer 3 unique series of custom bowstrings for your bow, so click below to learn more about them. Feel free to call 877-893-7155 and talk to our specialist if you have any questions.