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2018 PSE Offerings Help Find Your Best Fit.

For the 2018 Model Year. PSE has made it easy to decide what is the best bow for you. They have introduced several new bows and put them into four impressive categories, VAPOR (for power and speed), ADAPT (the adjustability to fit), EVOLVE (a blend of comfort and control without sacrificing speed), and TARGET (precision that you can count on).

Of the new models the PSE Carbon Air Stealth is no doubt the Flagship for the company . Coming in with your option of SE (Small Evolve Cam) and EC (Evolve Cam) models the Carbon Air Stealth has plenty to be excited about. It features a stronger all monocoque carbon riser leading to a mass weight of 3.2 lbs , new precision Flex Rod system, titanium hardware, and most recently have started adding our ABB Platinum Series strings and cables. Shooting at blazing speeds up to 342 fps with a 90% let-off, be sure to check this bow out at your local authorized dealer.

Also new for 2018 is the PSE Ferocity. “Engineered on an all new riser design with shorter limbs resulting in a smoother shot and improved feel.” The Ferocity can also sling some arrows at high speeds, coming in at an IBO speed of 328 fps. Also coming equipped on the Ferocity are our ABB Premium Series Strings.


If you find yourself looking for a custom set of strings for these or any of the other offerings from PSE be sure to head over to our string builder and find the right string for you!

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