Platinum or Premium Custom Bowstrings?

An often asked question we are asked here at America’s Best Bowstrings is what is the biggest difference between our Platinum and Premium Series bow strings? This is a great question that we can dive deeper into. Let’s start on the with the base fiber. Both Platinum and Premium compound bowstrings are made with a […]

Is it time to replace your crossbow strings?

Now that we are at the tail end of July it’s almost time when we will be setting our sights on the perfect location to have a chance at filling our 2020 hunting tags. If you happen to be going out this archery season and you are using a crossbow it may be time for […]

America’s Best Bowstrings – Internship Program 2020

America’s Best Bowstrings is currently looking to fill a paid internship program position at our beautiful headquarters’s in Walnut Creek Ohio. If you are passionate about working within the archery and hunting industry this is a great opportunity for you. Ideal candidates would be coming to us after their junior or senior year from a […]

Premium Custom Bowstrings: The Original

The Premium Series custom bowstring is the foundation of what  America’s Best Bowstrings is built upon. In 2006 our owner and master bowstring engineer Jerry Mullet designed and built a bowstring system out of necessity to create a more stable bowstring with no peep rotation or creep while on the competitive archery trail for himself […]

Know the Platinum Difference.

“What makes Platinum Series Custom Bowstrings different?” We hear this question almost daily. In this blog we want to discuss what separates our highest performing custom bow string from the rest of the pack. The Platinum Series was introduced in the fall of 2015. At the very foundation of this custom bowstring is a base […]