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America’s Best Bowstrings Rolls Out New Lineup!

Now that 2024 is underway America’s Best Bowstrings is excited to roll out the new bow string offerings from the company. Things will look different for the custom bowstring manufacturer out of Ohio, but in a big way.

Starting at the top is the new flagship string set know as Launch Series custom bowstrings. Launch is an exciting achievement for America’s Best Bowstrings as it marks the first new high end string from the company since 2016’s Platinum Series. Through a vast amount of testing the engineering team at ABB found a way to make an incredibly durable and abrasive resistant bowstring and cable system. “During the development process of the Launch series we faced many challenges attempting to top our Platinum series strings, but I believe we did just that. I was incredibly happy with our new abrasion resistance technology during testing.” says ABB Lead Engineer Austin Ross. At the base of Launch Series bow strings is ABB’s proprietary 452XE fiber. 452XE fiber is a BCY 452X low wax fiber that has been enhanced through an exclusive process to the team at ABB. The goal was to make the most durable and stable bowstring that any archer/bowhunter has ever shot. Launch is available for all compounds and for crossbow shooters you will find the Launch-X Series.

Launch Series is a whole new level of custom bowstrings from ABB.

Launch was made to be the ultimate custom bowstring. We have included additional perks for even more added value to our customer by including custom color heat shrink and for the first time at ABB custom colored center serving options. Also with Launch ABB customers will enjoy Free Shipping (some exclusions apply). And the final cherry on top is an industry leading 2 year warranty for peep rotation, serving separation, and stretching.

Coming in at the mid level tier will be our new Premium Ultra Series bowstrings. Premium Ultra takes the tried and true Premium Series that has been a staple within America’s Best Bowstrings and taken it to the next level. Premium Ultra gives an option to Bowhunters to have an incredibly accurate and durable bowstring at a competitive price point. At the base of Premium Ultra you will again find the BCY 452X low wax material equipped with 3D End Servings. Premium Ultra will be made available in stock options in Premium Ultra Black which will be built with all Ninja Black material and Premium Ultra Camo with our brand new Trailhead Camo pattern. It is worth noting that Premium Ultra, Black, and Camo are only made available to compound bow models. You will also find that all Premium Ultra Series will be backed by a 1 year warranty against peep rotation, serving separation, and stretching.

A close look at Premium Ultra Camo with ABB’s new Trailhead Camo.

Rounding out the new bowstring lineup is our new Force and Force-X Series bow strings. Force Series is an entry level bowstring that is an upgrade over most stock string options. Force is made exclusively with Ninja Black high strength BCY D97 fiber. Rounding out the Force and Force-X series is our 6 month warranty against peep rotation (compound applications), serving separation, and stretch.

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