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The Best Bowstring Maintenance Methods

First things first, bowstring inspection.

Whether you shoot your bow weekly or you keep it tucked away until a few weeks prior to your bow season (trust us you aren’t alone) a proper bowstring inspection should be done. This is a simple task that anyone can do from home or if you prefer a professionally inspected bow your local pro shop is a great option. You will want to visually check everything from base fibers, bowstring and cable servings, as well as your end loops and connections. If you spot any defects or questionable areas it may be time for a replacement bowstring and cable set.

If you notice excessive wear on your bowstring and cable system as pictured here, it may be time for a replacement custom bowstring set.

Caring for those custom bowstrings

You just bought a set of ABB custom bowstrings for your Mathews Lift 33, they have been installed, set, and properly tuned. Now what? At America’s Best Bowstrings we recommend that you a keep a tube of ABB Premium Series Bowstring Wax somewhere in your shop or hunting pack. As you “break in” your new strings and cables it is suggested to “season” these bow strings and cables with the previously mentioned bowstring wax. There is no set number of shots to count but we think every 10 shots for the first 40 shots a very light coat of wax will help to keep the string protected from dirt and debris. For a well rounded recap of this application process please check out this how to video

Notice: ABB Launch Series bowstrings are built with proprietary 452XE fiber which is an enhanced fiber from the factory to improve the life of the string due to it’s durability and abrasion resistant properties. A premium string wax however helps to further protect this base fiber.

Perhaps your strings are only a year old. Maybe they are over 3 years old and have not seen a high volume of shots but are starting to show small fuzz like stands coming out of the string itself. Or you may have just gotten back from a back country bow hunt and those strings are a little dirty. This is where a good 3 step cleaning system can come in handy. A 3 step system would include a bowstring cleaner to breakdown and remove dirt and old wax, a revitalizer to restore your strand colors, and finally your bowstring wax to protect the fiber from the elements. There are multiple options out there when it comes to these products we suggest Lancaster Archery Supply for finding such items.

Applying ABB’s Premium Bowstring Wax is a simple task that can help to extend the life of your custom bowstrings.


While it may be overlooked, how and where you store your bow and bowstrings can make a huge difference in the life and longevity of your bow string set. The most obvious conditions would be a well made bow case that can securely hold you bow and keep unwanted dust and debris off of your strings and cables. A well kept climate controlled area preferably out of direct sunlight will go a long way as well in the assistance of keeping your string set well kept and lasting you multiple years of enjoyable use!

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