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Team ABB seeing early 2022 success.

The competitive archery circuit is in full swing and the America’s Best Bowstrings shooting staff is off to a hot start for 2022! Team ABB Shooters have shown up to both the Indoor and Outdoor circuits to test their skills against a wide range of skilled fellow archers.

In the compound circuits ABB shooters Andy Hunnell, Catherine Papagni, and Aaron Kilburn have all taken first place finishes in the respective classes at the IBO tournaments (Hunnell and Kilburn) and the Lancaster Archery Classic (Papagni). These three talented team members have all been equipped with our high performance Platinum Series custom bow strings, which is considered the best string in the ABB lineup. Platinum Series was built for both the competition archer and most hardcore bowhunters as the bowstring of choice to get the best of results.

Catherine Papagni wins at the LAS Classic with ABB Platinum Series custom bowstrings

Also in the highly competitive world of recurve archery ABB Team Members Casey Kaufhold and Trenton Cowles have made their mark in their respective classes at the 2022 USA Archery Indoor National Finals. Casey winning in the Women’s Recurve Class and Trenton taking the top spot in the Men’s Recurve Class. Casey also took the top spot at the 2022 Vegas Shoot Championships. Both of these members of the ABB Team are shooting our Olympic Series custom bowstring for recurve bows. The ABB Olympic Series is another high performance option made from BCY 8125 fibers and using our very own in house build technologies to create a proven winner on the circuit.

Trenton Cowles wins the 2022 USA Archery Men’s Recurve Finals with the ABB Olympic Series bow string (photo via Competition Archery Media)

We are very proud of these archers as well as the entire ABB Shooting Team. Achieving early accomplishments so far as and wish them the best of luck for the remainder of the 2022 season. ABB is proud to be able to support our team with not only a industry leading product, but an incredible contingency program with great payout opportunities.

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